Test Series


  1. Reading + Writing = Better marks. ( 1 time writing = 3 times reading)
  2. Well planned & organised study.
  3. Improved writing speed and no arm sprain during exams.
  4. Efficiency in time calculation during exams.
  5. Self analysis of silly mistakes.
  6. Paper pattern practiced well in advance.
  7. Tension free atmosphere during the exam.
  8. Assessment of papers on Board pattern with Model Answers.
  9. Regular contact lectures on 'How to write exams better'.
  10. Inculcate a habit of preserving necessary documents during exams such as Hall tickets and ID cards.

Are Tests Important for Students?

The basic problems faced by students universally are

  1. I shall start studying from next Monday.
  2. I am confused about which subject to start first?
  3. I read but I could not recollect it the next day.
  4. I started studying a bit late otherwise I would have had the time to revise, too.
  5. I knew the complete paper but I did not get time to write, as the paper was too lengthy.
  • Test Series is a scheme of writing papers, where a student is automatically forced to study right from the very early date and hence his FIRST PROBLEM OF NEXT MONDAY IS SOLVED.
  • The student is given a fixed time table well in advance to systematically complete his portion covering every subject, hence his SECOND PROBLEM OF GETTING CONFUSED IN CHOOSING A SUBJECT TO START WITH IS ALSO SOLVED.
  • After the process of reading, writing work is always required which a student never does, and does not have even the time to write, as he is always falling short of time because of starting the studies at the ELEVENTH HOUR. Whereas in the TEST SERIES scheme he writes every alternate day thus a repetition is compulsorily done, hence his THIRD PROBLEM OF RECOLLECTING THE TOPICS IS ALSO SOLVED. ( IT IS TRULY SAID THAT ONCE WRITTEN IS EQUAL TO THRICE READ).
  • Their portions are completed well in advance and they get enough time to revise the syllabus and write their board papers. Thus the FOURTH PROBLEM OF NOT REVISING THE PORTION DOES NOT ARISE AT ALL.
  • The complaint of every student of the paper being lengthy is often because of lack of writing practice due to which a student faces the problem of hand sprains during the exams and bad hand writing too. Whereas a student, who has enrolled for a TEST SERIES Scheme is used to writing, right from the very beginning, hence the FIFTH PROBLEM OF PAPER BEING LENGTHY AND LEAVING THE PAPER INCOMPLETE GETS AUTOMATICALLY SOLVED. INFACT, HE BECOMES EFFICIENT IN TIME CALCULATION AND KNOWS VERY WELL ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME SHOULD HE DEVOTE TO EVERY QUESTION.
  • In addition to the above problems being solved, it helps you in creating a TENSION FREE ENVIRONMENT during the exam time as the student is used to the same atomsphere since long.
  • WHAT YOU EAT IS NOT IMPORTANT, WHAT YOU DIGEST IS IMPORTANT. Similaryly, what you study is not important as what you have understood. This can be known only by writing of papers, which becomes the main advantage of Test Series.